By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

-Benjamin Franklin

Ever wonder why you can get the interview, but not the job? Studies show that about a third of all managers know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether or not they will hire someone. Learning interviewing skills and being fully prepared will help you make a winning impression and land the job you want.

You will be coached one-on-one on the ins and outs of interviewing, including pre and post-interview prep, what to wear, and how to connect with the interviewer. We will conduct a mock interview, allowing you to make mistakes in a safe environment and receive instant, constructive feedback. This allows you to to be confident in your answers and be more relaxed and prepared during interviews.  You have one goal during your interview, and that’s to get the offer!

Interviewing Basics

  • 90-minute Coaching Phone Call
  • Review of Career Goals
  • Resume Review
  • Tips for Interview Day

Platinum Interviewer

  • 1-hour Discovery Call
  • 2-hour In-Person/Video Coaching Meeting
  • Mock Interview
  • Review of Career Goals
  • Interview Tips
  • Resume Review

Career Transformation

  • 1 hr. Discovery Call
  • 2 hrs. In-person/Video Coaching
  • Mock Interview
  • Review of Career Goals
  • Interview Tips
  • Professional Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Profile


Submit your online request here with your selected package. We will be in contact with you via email to discuss your project within 48 business hours. All information requested to begin work on as well as a partial payment (amount will be determined by selected package) is due before work begins. You will be given a link where you can submit all of your documentation. Once all documentation is received, we will work with you to schedule your coaching sessions.

For the Career Transformation Package: Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn services generally run a 4-6 week turnaround. You will be emailed a rough draft of your resume/cover letter. Revisions are due within 48 hours. Upon receipt of your revisions, a final draft will be emailed to you within 48 hours for your final approval. Once you have approved the documents, your final invoice with remaining balance will be sent and your final documents will be emailed to you upon receipt of final payment.

  • The most recent copy of your resume in a .docx format
  • Previous versions of your resume (not required but appreciated)
  • A copy of your current job description
  • Any updates that need added to new resume, including
    • Education
    • Additional jobs
    • Trainings
    • Volunteer Work
    • Professional Affiliations
  • At least 5 online job postings of jobs that interest you
  • Salary range desired
  • An idea of your stylistic preferences. Visit our Pinterest boards for inspiration.
  • URL for your LinkedIn profile and all applicable social media profiles. Please provide login for LinkedIn if you have selected The Big Three package.
  • 3-4 references in the following format
    • Name
    • Title
    • Company
    • Email
    • Phone Number

The style sample you provide will serve as our guide. We can’t guarantee that it will look exactly like the sample, but it will be stylistically similar.

Once you approve a template or style, a change fee of $50 will be charged for all requests for template changes for resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

We do not offer printing services for resumes or any other projects. Your resume documents will be provided to you in .pdf and .docx file formats. A high quality printer is recommended for optimal print quality. A higher weight paper is generally not necessary but is certainly acceptable if you wish to bring copies of your resume to interviews or job fairs.

No, and anyone that tells you that they can is selling you a bowl full of lies. (yuck!)

The purpose of a professional resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn page is to increase your likelihood of being invited to interviews. It is a pivotal part of your entire professional package; however, it is only one piece of what is necessary to present during the job search process.

Your qualifications, experience, job history, education, geographic location, volunteer work, past job performance, how well you prepare for and perform during your interview, etc. are all things that are considered by employers when deciding which candidates to interview/select for positions.

Even if you are the best candidate for a position, you still may not get the job for reasons beyond your control. (internal candidate, nepotism, etc.)

No matter what happens, we guarantee that you will be more prepared than you were before we sat down together.

Dress appropriate to the industry and the climate of the workplace for which you are applying. Tired of your boring old interview suit? Worry not, guys and gals! Check out our Pinterest style boards for some fresh spins on traditional attire.


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