A few random thoughts to get the weekend kick started…


1. Why isn’t “white chocolate” called “milk chocolate?” Milk is white; therefore, the chocolate that is the same color as milk should be milk chocolate. Regular chocolate can be re-branded as “Chocolate Milk Chocolate.” Dark chocolate can still keep its name. I’m okay with that.


2. Why don’t they just add an “R” to the word “Sherbet” and spell it like it’s pronounced, “Sherbert?” To me, it’s not a case of a sensible silent letter; we’re adding a letter to it, so it’s more like a typo in the first dictionary ever published. By the time you get to the “S” words, are you really going to notice that someone left out the “R?”


3. And while we’re on the subject, who proofreads dictionaries and what is the actual process for doing so? What qualifications are necessary to be a dictionary proofreader? How many words/definitions is a person expected to get through in a typical work day? In modern dictionary print, I imagine they only proofread the changes and additions, but back when they were first putting them together, who decided on the definitions and what did they refer to in order to ensure that the words were spelled correctly, since, remember, they were writing the first dictionaries of our time? (This further supports my hunch that “sherbet” was a typo.)


4. Who thought that putting bubble gum inside of a lollipop was a good idea? Pieces of gnashed-up lollipop end up mixed in with the cheap-tasting bubble gum, dicing up your mouth as you attempt to chew it. The same goes for Tootsie Pops. I have yet to meet a person who claims them to be their all-time favorite candy.


5. If you live at the beach, where do you go for vacations in the summer? Up north, it’s common to hear, “So, you guys headed to the beach this summer?” What if you live in Miami? Do you just go to another beach?


If only I made the rules…