Career Booster

For those with less than 10 years of experience and/or 1-2 page resumes.

  • A professionally written, keyword optimized resume that will rise to the top.

Platinum Pro

For those with less than 10 years of experience and/or 1-2 page resumes.

  • Modern design and keyword-specific resume and coordinating cover letter

The Big Three

For those with less than 10 years of experience and/or 1-2 page resumes.

  • Modern design and keyword optimized resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

Mid-Level Booster

For experienced job-seekers with 3-4 page resumes and/or 10+ years of experience.

  • A modern, professionally written, keyword optimized resume.

Mid-Level Pro

For experienced job-seekers with 3-4 page resumes and/or 10+ years of experience.

  • Modern, keyword-specific resume and coordinating cover letter.

The Total Package

For experienced job-seekers with 3-4 page resumes and/or 10+ years of experience.

  • Professionally written resume, cover letter, and coordinating LinkedIn profile.

***5+ pages falls under Executive pricing, starting at $1000. Please contact us directly to discuss your project and receive a custom quote.

Resume FAQs

During the Summer months (May-July), the average turnaround time for resumes is approximately 4-6 weeks. (Specific time will be noted on your estimate.) This allows us to thoroughly research and tailor each project to your specific job search and to you as a unique professional. During peak months (August-April), there is a wait list for services. Please contact us to discuss your project and to secure a spot on our schedule.

Beware of any online big-box resume companies who promise you a resume within a few days. These are usually “cut and paste” resumes, which is where they take jargon and cliche resume buzz words, cut them from one resume, and pepper them throughout your resume to a point that it becomes hard to read. They are not keyword specific, have a lot of grammatical and spelling errors, and are not modern designs or layouts. Good writing and designing takes time, and we respect your time and your vision.

Yes. Rush rates are as follows:

Career Booster, Platinum Pro, and Big Three Packages

2 week turnaround- A rush rate of $200 applies

4 week turnaround- A rush rate of $100 applies

Mid-Level Booster, Mid-Level Pro, The Total Package

2 week turnaround- A rush rate of $250 applies

4 week turnaround- A rush rate of $200 applies

Submit your online request here with your selected package. We will be in contact with you via email to discuss your project within 48 business hours. All information requested to begin work on resumes as well as payment for half of the total invoice is due before work begins. You will be given a link where you can submit all of your documentation. Your quoted time begins once all of these items have been received. We will discuss your stylistic preferences via email. Occasionally, a phone call may be necessary.

You will be emailed a rough draft-your revisions are due within 48 hours. Upon receipt of your revisions, a final draft will be emailed to you within 48 hours for your final approval. Once you have approved the documents, your final invoice with remaining balance will be sent and your final documents will be emailed to you upon receipt of final payment.

  • The most recent copy of your resume in a .docx format
  • Previous versions of your resume (not required but appreciated)
  • A copy of your current job description
  • Any updates that need added to new resume, including
    • Education
    • Additional jobs
    • Trainings
    • Volunteer Work
    • Professional Affiliations
  • At least 5 online job postings of jobs that interest you
  • Salary range desired
  • An idea of your stylistic preferences. Visit our Pinterest boards for inspiration.
  • URL for your LinkedIn profile and all applicable social media profiles. Please provide login for LinkedIn if you have selected The Big Three package.
  • 3-4 references in the following format
    • Name
    • Title
    • Company
    • Email
    • Phone Number

The style sample you provide will serve as our guide. We can’t guarantee that it will look exactly like the sample, but it will be stylistically similar.

Once you approve a template or style, a change fee of $50 will be charged for all requests for template changes for resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

We do not offer printing services for resumes or any other projects. Your resume documents will be provided to you in .pdf and .docx file formats. A high quality printer is recommended for optimal print quality. A higher weight paper is generally not necessary but is certainly acceptable if you wish to bring copies of your resume to interviews or job fairs.

No, and anyone that tells you that they can is selling you a bowl full of lies. (yuck!)

What we can guarantee is what we are responsible for, and that is making sure you have a beautifully structured, professionally written, modern resume. Once your resume is selected for an interview, the rest is up to you. Although we can’t go with you on your interviews, we can give you some tips in the next question bubble below.

  1. Establish an online presence. At the bare minimum, have an updated LinkedIn profile. If you can’t be found online, it implies a potential lack of tech savvy or a lack of transparency, even if that wasn’t your intention.
  2. Research the company. It is the entire point of your interview as far as the company is concerned, so be sure to do your homework.
  3. Do research on the people interviewing you. Use their names to address them during the interview. This goes a long way.
  4. Dress appropriately for the industry. If you aren’t sure, go there and observe how others are dressed. Is it casual? If so, business casual might be appropriate. Is it very professional in nature? Wear a suit or dress. You will need to adjust your wardrobe depending on the overall dynamic and culture of the company. When in doubt, always overdress and wear neutral colors.
  5. Arrive earlier than you need to. Late always looks bad, even if it’s for a really good reason. If you’ve never been there before, do a practice drive a few days before your interview.
  6. Bring a bottle of water and pop a breath mint before you go in. You don’t want to be remembered as “coughing girl” or “bad breath guy.” (However, Jennifer E. Free once wore a fancy headband to an interview and was hired despite being dubbed “headband girl.” So there’s that.)
  7. Speak well and don’t use slang or improper grammar during your interview. Example: yes instead of yea, nuclear not nucular, you not yinz.
  8. Everyone likes a post-interview Thank You email or handwritten card. It will never work against you and will always leave a good impression.

Dress appropriate to the industry and the climate of the workplace for which you are applying. Tired of your boring old interview suit? Worry not, guys and gals! Check out our Pinterest style boards for some fresh spins on traditional attire.


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